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DVM, SC (FIFe) Figaro Onix Gloria

Color: SIB n 22 black btch
Birthday: 01.10.2006
Dad: Lancelot Onix-Gloria
Mum: Princessa Karasanskiy Kiparis

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Winter walk in the forest

SC (FIFe), DSM Lievsha Zaimka*UA

Color: n 23
Birthday: 25/03/2013
Dad: DVM, SC FIFe Figaro OG
Mum: Kassiopea OG


You can see Google albums of our famous Lievsha..

Lievsha with his CUPS

.. 2016/2017

Lievsha on the tree...   May 1, 2016

Snowy January, 2016...Lievsha  

Lievsha on birch, autumn 2013

Snow walk, winter 2014

May 2014

Lievsha Zaimka, snowy walk, Feb 2015

Lievsha Zaimka.. home photo

Naftusia Zaimka*UA

Color: n 23 09
Birthday: 30.04.2014
Dad: Kotofey Zaimka
Mum: Angelur Firmennaya Fishka of Zaimka


The snowy games of Naftusia

Naftusia Zaimka & CUPS

Naftusia... home photo

Naftusia... December, 2015

melitsa Zaimka*UA

Color: n 24
Birthday: 12.05.2014


Google album of Omelitsa

Snowmaiden Omelitsa 

Josia and tulips

Ponaroshka Zaimka*UA

Color: n 24
Birthday: 17.09.2015

Ponaroshka.. snowy walk on winter 2018

Ponaroshka, October 2017

Ponaroshka portrets

Ponaroshka, 6 m old

Ponaroshka on March 8, 2016

Ponaroshka Zaimka, baby pics

Tayshet Zaimka*UA

Color: ny 24
Birthday: 30.03.2016

Snowy walk.. November 2016

Tayshet, 5 m old.. Sept 2016

Google-album of Tayshet.. baby-pics

Tessa Dysgarden*PL

Color: n24