Cattery of  siberian cats ZaimkaCattery of  siberian cats Zaimka
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Cattery of siberian cats Zaimka

            Welcome to "Zaimka",

                a cattery of Siberian cats!

6Zaimka cattery is Siberian cats of show and breed class of traditional forest color, strong type, large size

          The "Zaimka" cattery is officially registered with FIFE.

          We are Olga Dudievska, Alexandr&Oksana Kasjanenko and other. We are friendly collective of people, loving  the charm of a Siberian cats

         What is a secret of charm of Siberians? This fabulous cats have native beauty, keen intelligence, and tenderness along with the wonderful harmony of grace !

        Our main task in breeding is to establish stable lines of Siberian cats with wild-type colors and outstanding breed characteristics. Becouse  wild colors and patterns are the best companions to the overall appearance of a forest cat.

        First of all, our cattery follows in its work the the Rules and Regulations of one of the most respectable international felinological organizations - International Felinological Federation (FIFe). All our graduates obtain the FIFe pedigree, which is recognized by all felinological organizations.

       Wishing you to have a good time while surfing through this site!


Best    wishes,  Olga Dudievska.